Mountain High Culinary Team Logo

It’s been a while since I have designed a logo, and it’s always a project that I enjoy. This time, it was for a chef and her partner. I designed several options, and the client loved one in particular…

In anticipation of an event, the chef asked for two chef coats with the logo on the chest. Easy, right? Well, not quite. Chef coats presented a unique challenge I hadn’t considered: placement.

Unlike a flat canvas like a t-shirt, a chef’s coat has a double-breasted design with a prominent flap. Finding the sweet spot for the logo meant considering how it would interact with the flap.

Once I resolved that, I ran into another obstacle – the buttons. The coats featured two rows of buttons running down the front. While unconfirmed, I highly suspected these wouldn’t handle the heat press well (melted buttons are not a good look!). Maintaining the logo’s position while ensuring the buttons remained unscathed became a bit of a puzzle.

After some creative maneuvering, I emerged victorious. The logos graced both chef coats, perfectly placed and – importantly – button-safe. This project served as a reminder that design is rarely a straight line, and even a familiar process can present unexpected hurdles!

If you’re looking for a logo design or a custom shirt/sweatshirt/coat, please send me a message!

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